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Know How Strength and Nutrition has been here in the griffin club fitness gym for over 2 years now.


we are locally owned and operated by husband and wife Gary and Kodie howard. we also have other trainers as well.

we are both certified nutritionists as well as personal trainers and we help provide the best motivation inspiration and education that we can to all age and skill levels.


i have clients that are over 80 years old that just want to lose body fat and add muscle and have better balance and coordination to avoid falls and still be able live a active and independent lifestyle.

we also train athletes ranging from 13 to 18 years old, and we focus on strength and speed and agility and functional movements that directly translates to the field or court and also help provide nutritional guidance.

and of course for your everyday person wanting to learn how to succeed in health and fitness and finally be able to keep busting plateau's and moving forwards towards your goals and realizing your potential that you have inside of you.


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